Sunday, February 13, 2005

Baby Show

I recently was witness to a Baby Show
With Dads and Moms with kids in tow

Brimming with pride, an eager sire
Held forth his baby for me to admire

“How pretty! How sweet!” he himself said
Me, I found the cherub far too red

“How very angelic!” everyone cried
“Now see mine! Now mine!” they vied

Babies were held forth one by one all morn
As I watched, I wondered how they were born

Some of maidens in towers long locked-up
Some of strumpets accidentally knocked up

Sired by sinners and sired by saints
Some early prayers, some late complaints

Babies of all shapes and almost all sizes
The organizers gave them all lovely prizes

I smiled at the darlings, and pulled a cheek
And turned away from those gruesome and weak

By the time I left, the pain had gone wild
I came home and delivered a stillborn child

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Haven't stopped laughing, M!