Monday, February 14, 2005


I gently walked into the museum hall
Second left, then second right
The dome above made me feel so small
I looked up at its starless night

Another left, and there it stood
The relic they had praised to the skies
One man’s tribute to human-hood
Displayed here for the whole world’s eyes

I stood and gazed, not quite spellbound
Trying to see what made it great
Curious, I ventured next to walk around
I observed, till it grew quite late

A million catalogues had screamed
I “just had to” see this matchless work of art
So many friends had always dreamed
Of a glimpse that would soothe the saddest heart

The sculpture’s upturned eyes were grey
Gazing at the starless night above
I turned my back and gently walked away
From Exhibit 15CFS: Love

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Need hardly say this is wonderful. Have responded elsewhere in kind (I hope!).