Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Convert Reflects

The priest said I must have killed
a holy snake in my previous life;
and so my crops don't grow and
the cow died, and the baby too.
For a hundred rupees, the priest
will plead with the Gods for mercy.
If I had a hundred rupees, the baby
would have had milk, and lived.

'What good is a God that needs a bribe'
the missionary asks in a gentle voice
'You did not have a previous life
and killed no snakes; come to me
Jesus will save you and end your woes.'
So I went; but even with a new name,
new prayer and God, the crop failed
and my eldest son became very sick.

When I asked the missionary why,
he told me it was my fate to suffer
because of a man he called Adam
and the apple that was eaten by him:
all this at the behest of a snake.
And so I now pay for his mistakes.
What matter which God I worship?
It is snakes who determine my fate!


Deepak said...

Salaazar Slytherin smiles as he pats his pet snake and says - indeed!

wendy goes to study (not) said...

when you're done getting the degree mentioned above, you could do the word verific thingie on this blog.

and excellent anti-divine poetry, by the way.

Enigma said...

good one

crazed_mellow said...

wow u really are prolific
this is totally amazing stuff
i am daunted by the task of reading but i think i will go thru them all in like the next century .... just scribbling(old one from may 2k4) blew me away and so did mid day ramblings(from then too)
and the rest too too many to name

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wendigo said...

accha, at least publish this one?

Arty said...

great stuff ! went thru some of ur stuff and really like it !!! cheers ! May you have many more wonderful years of happy fulfilling writing

Mobiharry said...

This is like the coolest poem i ever read!

Anonymous said...

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