Sunday, October 30, 2005

On Visiting St Paul’s Cathedral

Heavenly Father, who in Heaven must be:
for in Wren’s cathedral, though I do see
matchless splendour, there’s no divinity.

Those angels hovering in the air
are to my willful eye passing fair.
And it will not shut itself in prayer.

The feast is laid, and the senses will dine

Pardon me, for I must stray awhile
to return that darling cherub’s smile
and to admire old architectural style

At midnight sharp, by St Paul’s clock
I shall sit by the river on the sidewalk
And there, in silence, we shall talk

You in your Heaven, and me in mine



As near perfect as one could get. Old Sir Chris would have approved :)

"Si monumentum requiris, circumspice."

Alex said...


wendigo said...

went to visit sant pal today. i agree with your sentiments.
must take you to the temple church soon. (went there as well.) it's a place where some would find heaven, definately, and some would find hell